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C stands for Creativity, Q stands for Quality and S stands for Sustainability. We use innovative products and qualities that exceed customers’ expectations, to provide sustainable products and services as the business goal, which also reflects the core value of our company.

CQS provides customers with a “one-stop” service, besides offering the die-casting production line, the CNC precision processing production line, the stamping (metalworking),the paint line, the assembly line and the packaging line, it also offers the test of quality control at each station to with assure products meet customers’ requirements. So far, the products have been sold to Taiwan, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Italy, China, and Southeast Asia.






We believe that corporate thinking must advance with the times, and the management capabilities of senior executives must also connect with different generations.

Values Operation

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Master the market trend

Developing towards saving energy and being a "green enterprise"

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Product technology differentiation

Cooperate with various universities to provide lightweight products, information systems, and main services to keep pace with the times.

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The production of high-quality products is the priority

To provide one-stop service, from world-class castings and forgings,to high precision machining and assembly. With quality assured within each process step.

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Provide high-value products and services

Exceed Customer expectations for Quality and Service.

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Build a smart factory

Creating a competitive advantage by consistently upgrading to the latest technology for process controls, automation, and monitoring.

World`s Leading Industry Corporation

Our team

CQS has a stated policy of protecting our partner’s rights, including on time delivery,with quality assured at each process step and consistent pricing

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